November, TBA
Theodore Dreiser Visiting Writers Series
Indiana State University

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 
Library Lecture: Narratives about Women
One Book One Michiana (True Grit)
St. Joseph County Public Library via Zoom

March 3-7, 2021 - Virtual AWP Conference

Panel: "Toward a Third Language: Rethinking Text & Image"

Prerecorded with Katy Didden and Sarah Minor. 


2020, or, the best-laid plans of mice and men...

January 25, 2020 - Illinois
Lions in Winter Literary Festival
Featured Writer
Craft Talk: "Visual Storytelling: The Alchemy of Image & Text"
Eastern Illinois University

March 4-7, 2020 - AWP in San Antonio, TX
book signing and panel cancelled, but:


3:20 - 4:35 p.m. in Room 217B
"Get Inked: Nonfiction Comics as Cultural Critique"

July 23-25, 2020 - Muncie, IN
Midwest Writers Workshop / Faculty
NOW ONLINE! I'm teaching three workshops:

Monday – July 20, 2020

8:15 pm - 9:15 pm
"The 'I' And The 'Eye' In Nonfiction"

Thursday – July 23, 2020

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
"Scene Magic"
Friday – July 24, 2020
8:15 pm - 9:15 pm
"Searching and Researching: How To Write What You Don’t Know"

October 22, 2020 - Georgia

Reading and Workshop

University of West Georgia

[Will it happen? Will it not? Only 2020 can tell!]



August 15-17, 2019 - Chicago, IL
Northwestern University Summer Writers' Conference
Workshop: "The Habit of Art: How to Transform Your Writing Life Through Daily Practice"

July 27-29, 2019 - Oxford, OH

Miami University Low-Res MFA
Reading and Craft Talk: "Searching and Researching: Writing What You Don't Know"

July 5, 2019 - Scranton, PA
Art Exhibition Opening Reception & Reading

ArtWorks Gallery
503 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton, PA


April 12-14, 2019 - Muncie, IN
Reading & release of DEFUNCT: A Resurrection
a limited-edition, hand-bound, letterpress book
Book Arts Collaborative
514 E Jackson St, Muncie, IN 47305
The Madjax Muncie Building

March 27-30, 2019 - Portland, OR
AWP Conference
Thursday 3/27
12:00-1:15 Panel - Ecstatic Ekphrastic: When Images Are More Than Inspiration [Maria Romasco Moore, Bianca Stone, Dustin Parsons, Sarah Minor, Kelcey Parker Ervick]
1:30-2:30 Book Signing


Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - IN

DIscussion Leader: Veteran's Book Club
Here, Bullet by Brian Turner

Schurz Library, IUSB 5:30pm

Saturday, October 6, 2018 - Notre Dame
Panel: Game Narratives/Narrative Games
Matthew Roberson, Trevor Dodge, Mika Yamamoto, Kelcey Parker Ervick

Thursday, February 22, 2018 - KY
Reading at Georgetown College
Jo Shoop Symposium
7pm Ward Room Tiger Nexus Event

Monday, March 5, 2018 - IN
River Park Branch Library, Mishawaka
10:30 a.m. Book Talk

AWP March 7-11 2018 - Tampa, FL
Panel Thursday, March 8, 12pm:
“The Art of the Possible”: Making and Teaching Graphic Narratives and Poetry Comics

Panelists: Tom Hart, Bianca Stone, Nick Francis Potter, Lauren Haldeman, Kelcey Parker Ervick

Book Signing at Rose Metal Press table
Friday March 9 at 12pm.

Reading hosted by Noemi Press, Rose Metal Press, The Cupboard Pamphlet
Friday, March 9, 7-9 pm

Southern Brewing & Winemaking
4500 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, Florida 33603

Saturday, March 24, 2018 - Indianapolis, IN
Gathering of Writers

Workshop in Micro-Memoir/Nonfiction
Indianapolis State Library

Saturday, April 20, 2018 - Bowling Green, KY
SOKY Book Festival

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - South Bend, IN
One Book One Michiana
"How Memoir Closes the Distance Between Us"
Book Talk on The Distance Between Us by Reyna Grande

Saturday, May 23, 2018 - Evergreen, CO
Reading at Hearthfire Books


EVENT ARCHIVE, or everything I've done since 2011 here

Check out my comics miniseries at The Rumpus


Daily-ish art on Instagram.


6/3/21 I'm so excited to announce my next book, THE KEEPER, which will be published by Avery Books/Penguin next year!

3/21/21 ESSAY DAILY is on a quest to define the Midwestern essay, which they are calling . . . the Midwessay. I created a visual essay (Vizessay?) about the St. Joseph River, which used to be called Mystery River by the Potawatomi. Thanks to Silas Hansen for inviting me to be part of the Indiana essay crew!

3/5/21 VIRTUAL AWP! Katy Didden, Sarah Minor, and I presented: "Toward a Third Language: Rethinking Text & Image" This panel was so hot we turned it into a Facebook group. Find us at "Text + Image Resource Group" and request to join.

2/5/21 Continued cold and snow in Indiana. This month on Instagram I'm creating collages related to books by my favorite Black authors--a mash-up of Black History Month and #februllage.

1/31/21 It's cold and snowy. I've been painting covers of the books I'm reading on Instagram.

11/10/20 I always love visiting other people's classes and sharing writing and drawing exercises. This week I traveled by Zoom to Butler University the University of West Georgia, where I got students writing, drawing, and making visual poetry. Thanks for the invitations, Dionne and Ania!

10/27/20 I loved researching Zitkála-Šá for "The Resistance of Red Bird," the final comic in my Suffragette City series at The Rumpus.

9/29/20 "On the Delicacy and Charm of Women" is the fourth comic in my SUFFRAGETTE CITY miniseries at The Rumpus. The main text comes from a hilariously snarky speech by the labor activist and suffragist, Rose Schneiderman.

9/15/20 Not all suffragists were women. The third comic in my SUFFRAGETTE CITY miniseries at The Rumpus is "Women's Rights Men," featuring Frederick Douglass and W.E.B. Du Bois.

9/1/20 "Sojourner Truth: The Substance and the Shadow" is my second comic in my SUFFRAGETTE CITY miniseries at The Rumpus. I love Sojourner Truth, and this is one of my favorite comics tbh.

8/18/20 I'm so excited to launch SUFFRAGETTE CITY, a new comics mini-series at The Rumpus! The first installment, "War of the Roses," tells the story of the ratification of the 19th Amendment in Tennessee, which happened ON THIS DAY one hundred years ago. Learn about the great battle between the SUFFS and the ANTIS that went down in Tennessee.

8/10/20 Lucky me again! I'm taking another graphic novel workshop at the Center for Cartoon Studies, this one with Paul Karasik and Dan Nott.

8/3/20 Lucky me! I'm taking a YA graphic novel workshop taught by Glynnis Fawkes and Jo Knowles at the Center for Cartoon Studies this week.

6/20/20 One month to go until the Midwest Writers Workshop! It's now all online, and I'm teaching 3 sessions (see Events list to the left!)

5/6/20 Thanks to Billy Simms for teaching The Bitter Life of Božena Němcová (again!) and inviting me for a virtual visit with his class at Miami University!

3/3/20 My latest Rumpus comic, The South Bend Fugitive Slave Case, is a true story narrated by Harriet Beecher Stowe's dogs.

2/24/20 I'm on sabbatical this semester and working on an historical graphic novel inspired by the life of my great-grandmother in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I got a big ol' grant from Indiana University to support my work and research. Here is the announcement with a bit on my project.

2/24/20 Just returned from MSU's Comics Forum in East Lansing, which was amazing. Loved the keynotes by Emil Ferris and Nick Sousanis.

2/20/20 I forgot to post my graphic review of The Complete Short Stories of Leonora Carrington (Dorothy), which was published at RHINO. 

2/5/20 More new comics at The Rumpus:
The Lady Boxers (about South Bend's amazing boxing history)
The Poetry of South Bend (featuring lines of poetry by my students)

2/4/20 Thanks to Dionne Irving Bremyer for Skyping me into her class at the University of West Georgia to talk about my recent comics.

12/31/19 Oops, I did it again: another year of daily art-making. Here's a visual recap at The Rumpus.

11/27/19 Rumpus Round-up! Here are some of my recent Welcome to South Bend comics at The Rumpus:
When Country Music Came to Town (sorry not sorry, Garth Brooks!)

A Love Story (actually, two love stories for the price of one)
Bail Out Studebaker (I mean, why not?)

Notre Dame Football (which is sneakily about soccer!)
How to Change Your Name in Indiana (avoid it if you can)

11/25/19 For the latest issue of the Cincinnati Review, I curated their first ever set of reviews of graphic narratives. I wrote about Emil Ferris's My Favorite Thing Is Monsters; Chris Gavaler wrote about Nora Krug's Belonging; Rachelle Cruz wrote about Malaka Gharib's I Was Their American Dream.

11/22/19 Thanks to Jessica Baldanzi at Goshen College for inviting me to talk to her comics class about visual storytelling!

10/29/19 It was a pleasure to Skype into Kate Northrop's Writing Workshop at the University of Wyoming and talk about The Bitter Life of Bozena Nemcova and hybrid nonfiction!

8/1/19 I have a comic about Pearl Jam in the Music Issue of THE BELIEVER.

7/9/19 "Mr. Answerpants" is my take on Pete Buttigieg's recent Mayor's Night Out in this week's installment of "Welcome to South Bend" at The Rumpus. (It's a comic.)

6/25/19 My comic series "Welcome to South Bend" debuts at The Rumpus. This installment--"On the Map"-- invites readers to locate South Bend, Indiana on a map (something I could not do until I moved there in 2006). The comic will run every two weeks.

6/24/19 My comic "Speak, Butterfly" about tiger swallowtail butterflies and Vladimir Nabokov appears in full color in the latest issue of Relief Journal. And one of my panels is on the cover!

4/12/19 Reading and release of DEFUNCT: A Resurrection--a book of my paintings and writings. It was hand-bound and letterpress printed in a limited run of 65 copies  by the awesome folks at Book Arts Collaborative. 

2/22/19 My painting, "Benjamin, I found this in a library book. It's for you," was selected for the Image & Word Exhibition at the Kaviar Gallery in Louisville, and will be there until April 6.

2/2/19 Thanks to Natalie Solmer and the INDIANAPOLIS REVIEW for this lovely feature. It's my first time as a Featured Artist (as opposed to writer), and in the interview I talk about making art every day, the new graphic novel (!) I'm working on, and how I tricked myself into calling myself a writer and how I am still trying on the title of artist.

1/10/19 My story, "There Once Was a Man" appears in the new & cool anthology, My Name Was Never Frankenstein: And Other Classic Adventure Tales Remixed.

1/1/19 Happy new year! Thanks to THE RUMPUS for publishing my visual essay,  "The Habit of Art: A Year of Daily Painting," which is about, well, what the title says.

11/18/18 Sooooo excited to announce that I'm co-editing with Tom Hart the Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Graphic Literature. It's the fourth in their fabulous Field Guide series and I'm thrilled about the contributors we've lined up. It'll come out in 2021, which seems like forever, but it'll be worth the wait!


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